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My Profile :)

Assalamualaikum and hello readers ! :)

About the owner of this blog which is me. hee

Name        : Dinie Amni Binti Mahamud. Known as Dinie Niniey.
Age           : On 7th September I am 20 years old. I am not looking so old right ? Haha
Place         : Where I live ? I'm living with my parents in a place located in Kuala Lumpur.
Job            : I'm still studying for diploma at UMP , Gambang campus. 
Status        : Not available. Haha ! 

My loyal listener.. Hee

More stuff about me.
  • I am a silent person and quite shy *blushful*
  • I loves cooking ! yummyyy
  • I eat a lot, but i'm not getting bigger ^^,
  • Always do last minutes work
  • Future Engineer . In shaa Allah
  • I don't like people talking bad and use harsh words to me. I will do the same and more worst ! 
I think its enough to let you all know about me. Heyy, nice to know you my new friend :)